Øyvind Torvund: Bandrom 3 - Happy Days 2005 (3)

Happy Days: Happy ending

Musiker Heloisa Amaral innrømmer at hun kanskje tok noe hardt i når det gjaldt Ballade-redaktør Arvid Skancke-Knutsens skriverier rundt Happy Days-festivalens åpningskveld. I hvert fall etter at Ballades redaktør prøvde å forklare litt nærmere hva han hadde ment. Dermed er det i hvert fall foreløpig satt et riktig hyggelig punktum for denne musikk-disputten.


Sonia Loinsworth i Tomba Emmanuelle

17/10/2021 Kl. 18.00


Sonia Loinsworth i Tomba Emmanuelle

17/10/2021 Kl. 19.30


Susanne Lundeng Trio

19/10/2021 Kl. 21.00


Operapub på Røverstaden

20/10/2021 Kl. 19:00


Dear Arvid Knutsen,

I was very glad to get such a long and precise answer from you. I admit my reaction was somewhat agressive, but I really could not understand how you came to certain conclusions. In the longer explanation, I could understand your point of view.

I do not doubt that Ballade has a real interest for contemporary music, I read it quite often myself, and enjoy it. That is why I was surprised to read your article, I got extremely offended and angered, as you noticed, about the Otis Rush paragraph and had the impression that the program itself (which I also didn´t find particularly interesting myself) had been given little attention. And had the impression that you went to both concerts with quite different expectations.

I did not overlook your nice remarks about the concert, by the way. I admit you gave the festival some credit, but that seemed a bit too pale after the critiques.

I apologize for my maybe too angry reaction, it would be not worth to discuss any longer on that now. The matter is cleared, although I hope you have some understanding for my reaction, that would have been quite different if you had written everything you wrote to me in the first place.

I admire your attitude though, you could be shouting at me by now and instead, you gave me an extremely friendly answer. I suppose one must count with the most different reactions on the part of the readers. I also thank you for writing that in English.

Greetings, Heloisa

Redaksjonell note: Ballade takker Heloisa Amaral for et svært hyggelig og forsonende brev, og anser med dette denne debatten for avsluttet inntil videre. Tidligere innlegg i debatten, samt omtalen som satte det hele i gang, kan som vanlig leses på lenkene nedenfor.

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