Noen av de heldige utvalgte, Bylarm 2020 (Foto:

Bylarm: her er demoartistene

Fra Daufødt til Death Throne … og 20 andre navn: Disse nye, norske har Bylarm troa på.


Operapub på Røverstaden

15/04/2020 Kl. 20:00



17/04/2020 Kl. 20:00



17/04/2020 Kl. 19:00


Operapub på Røverstaden

22/04/2020 Kl. 20:00


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Festivalen Bylarm, som avholdes i Oslo på nyåret, har som mål å være et viktig samlingssted for musikkbransje og et sted for uetablerte artister å vise seg fram. Nå har Bylarm valgt ut de norske, uetablerte artistene de vil være med på å skyte ut mot bransje og publikum. Bylarm har i dag presentert dem på engelsk, Ballade følger nok opp med nærmere presentasjon av noen av bandene/artistene på morsmålet når festivalen nærmer seg. Her er de heldige, vi siterer fra et nyhetsbrev:

  • BRIGT: Inspired by the Beatles and film scores, Bright switched off his computer and picked up instruments. The result: 70s pop flavored with the sincerity of old school soul and a sense of rhythm indebted to disco classics.
  • COMBOS: Once the demo jury pressed play on Combos’ tunes, the feeling in the room was than of an invading swarm of bees.
  • DANIEL OBEDE: A whirlwind of attention has surrounded this 17 year old rapper from Oslo’s east side ever since he posted a freestyle late last year which hit 100.000 views.
  • DAUFØDT: This act straight from Norway’s bible belt place their aural assault right where ferocious punk meets chorus-loving rock.
  • DEATH THRONE: Death Throne pick out the best elements from hardcore and metal, melting it all together into a punch-packing sound.
  • DONI MULA: The truly polarising acts in Norway are few and far between, but Doni Mula stand among them with his brutally direct and graphic gangsta rap.
  • DRITTMASKIN: The Drittmaskin sound is spiced up with elements of hard rock, death and thrash metal, with the lyrics allegedly picking up where Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell left off.
  • DWAAL: A massive, transcendent flurry of sound that crosses old school with newer branches on the metal tree like sludge and post-metal.
  • FROM SCRATCH: The young four-piece From Scratch stand rock solid on a fundament of 90s grunge and 80s jangle indie.
  • JUNI HABEL: In the less-is-more tradition of Joni Mitchell and Joanna Newsom comes Juni Habel with warm, somber vocals and atmospheric, spellbinding guitar play.
  • KANAAN: A concert with Oslo-based Kanaan is a seance with psychedelically charged, jazzy impro-rock. Already having toured Europe by themselves, in 2020 they’ll break Norway too.
  • KAROLINSKI: Since releasing her album in December 2018 through her own label, Karolinski has played over 40 gigs with her experimental take on techno.
  • KONGLE: From the rainy streets of Bergen, Kongle are now ascending to greater atmospheric heights with their psychedelic pop-rock.
  • L.U:N.A: This 18 year old has one sneaker in the murkier waters of Bergen’s hip hop scene and one in the city’s great Nordic pop legacy of the last few years. Liberating and lovable.
  • NATNAEL: After having made a few subtle forays into the public through guest appearances with Arif and Cezinando, Natnael’s grandiose take on R&B is now ready for the stage in its own right.
  • NAVIAN: A brand new name in Norwegian rock, the instrumental trio Navian are characterised by swift shifts in groove and mood and an alluring open-mindedness.
  • OBERST: Like a proper bastard child of hardcore and metal, Oberst offer the listener a multifaceted slab of heaviness: furious riff-o-ramas sliding into doomy, dystopian soundscapes.
  • OPROFESSIONELL: A branch on the Oslo underground crew Uteklubb, Oprofessionell join breakbeats and a hint of trance to pop-hooks, inclined both towards mind and the dance floor.
  • PORTO GEESE: Porto Geese offer an incredibly heavy, noisy and gloom-laden sound, harking back to the noise and death rock scenes of the 80s.
  • SEI SELINA: From a young age, Sei Selina has had a strong relation to pen and paper and a boombox pumping soul, hip hop and R&B. Look forward to an eclectic party!
  • UNGANISHA: A multinational pairing between a traditional Kenyan musician and an experimental electronic artist from Norway. Boundary-breaking sounds.
  • ZEE: Born in Norway in a traditional Moroccan household, Zee’s had an artistic soul since childhood. With influence from rhythms all over the world, she’s created a signature sound.

Demojuryen som har valgt ut har bestått av:
Birgitte Mandelid (Øyafestivalen), Yordana Jacobsen (Warner), Trym Grydeland (freelancer), Sten Ove Toft (Blå), Nicolay Woldsdal (Drabant/Grappa), Hacir Adrian Payan (The Villa), Maria Refsland (Fjellparkfestivalen), Claes Olsen (Øyafestivalen), Andrew Baardsen (Luft Recordings), Ksenia Petrova (All Things Live), Marthe Heggenhougen (VIBE Agency), Linda Wiken (Parkteatret), Astrid Fuglevaag (MUO), Karima Furuseth (DJ), Limita Lunde (Little Big Sister), Henrik Haagensen (Playground), Olivia Rashidi (artist), Jennifer Gunn (Made), Ronja Brox (Yngling), Adil Laatyaoui (Dream maker management), Ali Grimsrud (NRK P3), Eirik Havelin (Frilanser), Stian Stu Nicolaysen (Mutual Intentions), Linn Skoie (Krøsset), Morten Gjersum (Stageway), Henriette Aaberg (Showlab), Yngve Andersen (Loyal Blood Records), Maj Hermansen Kveseth (Øyafestivalen) samt Joakim Haugland (Festival Manager), Sverre Eilertsen (Head of Booking), Mina Evenrud (General Manager), Marit Johansen (Head of Communication), Erik Egenes (Head of Press), Frøydis Torp (Head of Administration), Erlend Gjerde (Consultant) (disse siste fra Bylarm-administrasjonen).


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