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Spins, Trills & Glides: NMK & Alessandra Rombolá

28/01/2023 kl. 18.00-19.30

Thanks to the vast palette of extended technical possibilities, the flute family has enormous sound potential and can transform sonically in all possible directions through its endless spins, trills and glides.

nyMusikks Komponistgruppe and NMK member Martyna Kosecka cordially invite you to a concert of music for flute and flute with electronics created by the group members in a performance by Oslo-based flutist Alessandra Rombolà. The concert will be followed by a talk with the artist about the music we experienced together.

1. Kari Telstad Sundet – Boundless, Timeless for bass flute and electronics
2. Jakob Thonander Glans – offFlute for flute and electronics
3. Mathieu Lacroix – North Star for solo flute and electronics
4. Idin Samini Mofakham – Shivan for solo flute
5. Petter Asbjørnsen – Livin’ the loca rollercoasta life, that is my life. for flute and electronics
6. Else Olsen S. – Les for any instrument, any performer
7. Martyna Kosecka – Hypnos for bass flute and electronics

Alessandra Rombolà is a musician involved in different aspects of music-making. She works in the field of contemporary music and improvisation.
She is a versatile musician with a chameleonic personality; a specialized interpreter of notated, graphic and highly complex scores and an improviser with a unique language. She has collaborated with dozens of interdisciplinary projects, including dance, storytelling, video, electronics, circus, performance, or contemporary opera. Born in Calabria (south of Italy), Alessandra trained in Italy, Switzerland, England and France. She specializes on extended techniques and the contemporary repertoire of flute.

Martyna Kosecka – electronics, production
Michal Sykora – sound engineer