Tickets: 300/200 (festival pass) 150/100 (individual concerts)

Kulturkirken Jakob, nyMusikk, Paulus Kirke

Om arrangøren

nyMusikk Oslo, Periferien


Jubileumskonsert – Schola 60 år!

15/06/2024 Kl. 17.00


Irsk søndagskonsert med Caraid

16/06/2024 Kl. 15:00


Periferien Festival 2020: Embracing constraints

28/08/2020 kl. 1600

Periferien Festival 2020: Embracing constraints is a new music festival for the time of covid. It’s a two-day marathon, a new music bingefest, to finally break our corona-induced fast from live performance. Reflecting the implications of covid-19, and after an open call curatorial process, each artist and group presents novel approaches to fostering musical connection while keeping a safe distance. Ecological listening, rituals for the body and the senses (healing the digital overload), degrees of separation, losing the tracks of time, withdrawal, quarantined collaboration, wanderlust.

Artist line-up: Liv Kristin Holmberg/Hanna Barfod/Simon Løffler, Muddersten/Akiko Nakayama, Propan, Michael Pisaro, Kjell Samkopf, Knut Olaf Sunde, Vilde&Inga/Eirik Havnes, Sanae Yoshida/Øyvind Mæland.

Curated and presented by nyMusikk Oslo, Periferien, with support from Norsk kulturråd, nyMusikk, Norsk komponistforening and Oslo Kommune.

300/200 (festival pass)
150/100 (individual concerts)