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Oslo Fringe


Opera for barna – I gudenes rike

01/12/2022 Kl. 11:30


Roligt att höra – Kenneth Karlsson 70

02/12/2022 Kl. 20.00


Male Fantasies – A rattling drag variety show

26/08/2022 kl. 18.30

With their unique glass instruments, Gretli & Heidi Brothers express their diverse masculinity in barhopping, heroic epics, mourning songs and spiritual contemplation. They are on top of the world and tour all over. They play on bottles, beer cans, glass bells, carillon, accordions, guitars, and sing male songs.

The brothers’ well-fitting lederhosen is of course suitable for the occasional clap dance. In musical performances they express experiences and prejudices about the male role, the motherly love, the shame of failure, the spiritual life, the fighting romance, the brotherhood and the competitive instinct.

Gretli & Heidi Brothers take a look at the men they are – want to be – and are expected to be. With their virtuosity they consolidate their position as rulers of the world.

The duo Gretli & Heidi, performed by Carin Blom and Catharina Backman, began as a musical and artistic collaboration with its roots in Varieté Vauduvill, a Swedish travelling contemporary Vaudeville circus that pioneered the genre in Sweden in the 1980s-90s. They have since composed and performed with self-designed and self-made instruments from different kinds of everyday objects, with a focus on glass
as the main harmonizing component, giving the audience a unique sound and visual experience.

The idea for Male Fantasies came up from an urge to find out what it is like to be two self confident men who are not considered as objects, but the subjects who effortlessly show their great virtuosity.


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