Om arrangøren

Exhibition opening times: Thurs-Sunday 12–17


BYOHP: Numinous Beginnings

28/11/2020 kl. 12.00

** For this exhibition it is crucial to bring your own headphones and telephone for listening to many of the works. Due to current Covid restrictions, Lydgalleriet will only allow a maximum of five people into the gallery at the time. We also kindly ask you to use your face mask and keep a distance ❤ **

Sandra Blichert
Mor Efrony
Emma Fuchs Sjövall
Anette Gellein
Vonrik Haug & Arnt Siwertsen
Constantin Katsiris
Peter Lenaerts
Anne Cecilie Lie
Magdaléna Manderlová
Ida Nerbø
Moumita Roy
Polly Stanton & Byron Dean
Elina Waage Mikalsen

This year, maybe we can see more clearly the empty spaces but we are quick to fill them.
Or rather, they fill quickly. We are told to avoid collective spaces, becoming hyper alert to our immediate environment. The lives of others inside their own four walls drift in and out of our own spaces; what was outside and other, seeps inside and becomes part of our lives. For for the lack of people in proximity to us we abstract the material sounds, finding beauty in our closeness to it and learn to love what we cannot escape.
Now we are surrounded by weather and time (… the same word in French: temps) and many of the sound pieces we’ve received for this open call exhibition suggest a heightened affinity to and from within our surroundings. Many of the pieces are recorded and composed for your own headphones and phones for listening, some pieces are beautifully played out in our space or an urban sound walk, and some will happen in conversational real time and online.
This phenomenological starting point from the body, from the earth, through the weather and on the borders of spaces creates new meanings for us on the brink of this particular year.
In between endings and beginnings, we proposed that sound competes for space, attention, silence and isolation.
Yet how intimate all these sounds are, they attempt to fill spaces and share with us something private, to whisper in your ear. These works are about the ambient empty spaces, about closing the gap between me and you, here and there, or mine and yours.