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Bergen Kunsthall


Opera og Gourmet på Ekebergrestauranten

28/02/2024 Kl. 18:00


Spectro Duo – Trailblazers Tour

28/02/2024 Kl. 20:00



28/02/2024 Kl. 20:00


Agnes Hvizdalek + Slow Madonna (Andrea Silvia Giordano/John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal)

09/12/2022 kl. 20:00

Agnes Hvizdalek is an improvisational musician, vocalist and composer. From an early age, she has been interested in experimental music and the voice as an instrument, which characterizes her abstract vocal music. In her music, she discovers the interaction between intuition and reflection, between the individual, the collective and the outside world. Agnes was born in Austria and moved to Norway in 2008.

The Italian vocalist Andrea Silvia Giordano and the American double bassist John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal are a duo — Slow Madonna — that takes inspiration from contemporary music and folk music. They paint beautiful, fragile and distinctive pictures and use dynamics, time and floating tones to create tension and calm at the same time.

Andrea Silvia Giordano is an Italian musician based in Oslo. Her work takes inspiration from jazz, contemporary music, noise and Italian folk music. She has worked with well-known Italian musicians such as Stefano Battaglia and has toured Europe with her duo Ōtonn, and in Norway, she works with e.g. Ingar Zach and Alessandra Rombolà.

John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal is an American double bassist and composer in Norway. John Andrew is active in both Europe and the USA and collaborates with musicians and composers such as Katt Hernandez, Derek Baron, Elliott Sharp, and many others. His compositions have been performed at, among others, The Norwegian Opera, METEOR and the Ultima Festival.