The Guardian har plukket ut 1000 plater de regner for å være bortimot essensielle. Og fem av disse er norske…

Luggumt_Scorch Trio

Mellom John Scofields “Time on My Hands” og Raymond Scotts “Manhattan Research Inc.” har den anerkjente britiske avisen funnet plass til norske Scorch Trio og deres ”Luggumt” fra 2004 på sin omfattende liste ” 1000 albums to hear before you die”.

Om platen skriver The Guardian:

“Norwegian bass player Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and Finnish/American guitarist Raoul Björkenheim are the ultimate improvising power trio. Ferocious, yet subtle and supremely gifted, they would never dream of just playing a backbeat; instead they deliver maximum rock kicks and peak on the title track as a sort of superspeed blur.”

a-ha er også funnet verdig en plass, med platen ”Hunting High and Low” (1985). I begrunnelsen heter det:

”If Morten Harket hadn’t been such a dreamy frontman, the Norwegian trio A-ha might have been taken more seriously at the time (they count Chris Martin and Kanye West among their supporters). Harket’s swooping voice borders on the operatic on deathless singles Take on Me and the Sun Always Shines on TV and beautifully skewed, melancholic pop abounds throughout.”

Ballade kåret nylig Jan Garbareks “Afric Pepperbird” som tidenes norske jazzplate. The Guardian har valgt en annen av Garbarek:

“12 Moons” (1993):
“In Garbarek’s poignant and desolate timbre, with its evocations of wind-blown snowscapes and its quivering cries, there is a unique post-Coltrane saxophone voice. Twelve Moons beautifully balances those atmospherics with explicit references to jazz and folk”

Nummer to i Ballades jazzkanon får også sin plass I The Guardian:

Nils Petter Molvær: ”Khmer” (1997):

“The Norwegian trumpeter’s tone certainly nods towards Miles Davis, but it is draped in an electronic shroud that is equal parts post-rock, ambient electronica, dub and jungle. This ECM release created a blueprint for a new brand of Nordic (post) jazz that would become hugely influential.”

Ikke uventet er også Röyksopp med blant de 1000:

”Melody AM” (2001):

“Apparently the original title of this striking debut was For Kids and Elderly People, and you can hear why: cornerstone hit Eple is likely to beguile any age. Melody AM is evocative of a starry, chilly night, festooned with bittersweet moments and, on Poor Leno, the rather lovely voice of Erland Øye.”

Best i Norden

Etter en rask kikk tør vi slå fast at Norge i hvert fall er best representert i Norden. Vi kan derfor koste på oss å nevne at Abba, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Stina Nordenstam, Sigur Rós (”Ágætis Byrjun”), Edward Vesala og Björk (Debut) også var med. Listen har fokus på rytmisk musikk (pop/rock, jazz, folk), og bare én plate pr. artist er plukket ut.

Avisen sier om utvalget:

— Despite its faintly melodramatic title, our list of 1000 albums to hear before you die isn’t meant to be definitive, nor is it meant to be one of those Greatest Albums of All Time lists. It’s supposed to be more of a miscellany, an eclectic collection of interesting albums, (including Various Artists compilations, which usually don’t get into those kind of lists).